Life is to short

Volume Two

Watching the rain splash to the ground

hearing the crash, that thunderious sound

feeling like your lost out in the forest

the play on words, as you sing the chorus

"Life is to short, to be bitter

why ruin the one shot, just to be a quitter

like the flash of lightning, in the blink of an eye

it could all be over in a brillant light,

and in a single moment a loved one could die"

You close your eye's waiting for the storm to pass

holding onto every breath as if it were glass

smiling to yourself, of every great memory in the past

walking soft, you step forward

one foot toward the future,

one foot solid and sure

trying to keep your head held high

looking for answers off in the distant sky

"Life is to short, to dwell on the things you have no controll over

Why ruin this one life,  by keeping it covered

so hold tight, and kiss your lover

for this life is to short

to let all your wonders take to port"

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