Wake Up

Volume Two

Wake up, Wake up

you faded from my sight

but the memories shine so bright

my dream had finally came true

Just when I thought it was you

It Broke, and it shattered

once again, I'm lost and tattered

with a heart, scared and battered

No place to call my own

and no where to call home

"I was your Fallen Angel

you were my saviour

reminding me once again, what it means to love

giving me the hope to look above

I can't describe how I felt

I can't explain how much it helped"

I saw heaven in your eyes

it took me to a place, I would have never realized

and I saw the life I could have had

never wanted anthing this bad

but this dream wasnt meant to last

now I walk forward, with this in my past

Wake up, Wake up, open my eyes

and see the prelude

to the making of my own solitude

The beauty you posses

made my heart confess

to something I thought was a sin

to love again

"I was your fallen Angel

you were my saviour

and in my dreams we are together"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is dedicated to my ex Tiffany, through her I saw a world not of black and grey but of beauty and color... through her I saw more to life in a few months then I did in years of solitude

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