Death (Insanity Tome)

Trash Can

We are all doomed to die, So what is it we are affriad of?

No one can cheat death yet everyday people try and discover the fountain of youth. Everyone asks me why I embrace death so much, Why it is I have a death wish. I will simply answer them "Why not?" We are all going to die sooner or later. I just Hope sooner, I always pictured myself dieing at an early age. Looking at these "old" people it makes me sick to my stomach to think that one day I'll end up like that.

I don't want to have to be put in a wheel chair to help me around cause my bones become to weak to support me, but what really happens when you die? Is there really a heaven like the bible says? Do you really have to sell your soul just to get in? When you die do you just stop exsisting all together? Or maybe do is it possible you just dream for the rest of eternity? These are just a few questions I find myself asking and probably just about every Human who has walked this earth.

But its only them, who have gone before us ever truely knows what lies in wait for us at the end of this ride.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is an Old piece I wrote along time ago. which has been added to my book "Insanity"

-------------Updated 12/31/12-------------
This paragraph was updated and placed within my book "Psycho- Confessions"

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