The Warlock's Den (Lost Treasure's Collection)

Literary Passages

Can anyone See?

are you chained or are you free?

is your soul for sale

take the ride straight to hell

A master of your craft

but a slave under command

fighting in another land

Bark boy, before you stand

are you blind or just ignorant

Knee deep you are already in it

Where will you walk, will you back up your talk?

Land of the free, home of the Brave

While taking your morals to your bloody grave

look at the Country now

your not free unless you bow

all while wondering when, where and how

you don't know me, don't try and understand

Act like you don't care, I'm not your name brand

I don't want your sympathy

you don't know what it's like to be me

Start walking away

damn me to hell while you pray

to a god that hates you

Just as much as I do

Hypocrite is the word

I know I'm just plain absurd

Whisper my name as I walk past

inside joke where I'm the laugh

In a Society where you try and hide

just another number in life for suicide

  The Den is dark, little light is visible within this small chamber, all manners of incantations have been spoke here, summoning the lords of Hell to the beauties of Heaven. Virgin sacrifices made in honor of long dead deities. This my friend is the Warlock's Den, a place of shrouded secerets and unknown mysteries. Doors line the hallway leading to my many tormenting thoughts, haunting me always I can hear the screams and clawing at the sturdy frame. There was a time when these doors would lay open, as the beasts of untold ramsacked the Den. I have gained controll of my main emotions able to supress them.

  My passion for writing is fueled by many aspects of my life, and views on this life. But a one true passion of mine is Fictional writing, Fantasy. I would say a little Sci-fi but not as much, For as long as I can remember I had been playing, or creating fantasy games, playing them either by myself or with my brother. It was a way for me to escape, to forget my troubles in life. That was until I found writing, it was then that I combined my love for the both and started working on alot of fictional pieces, most were just short stories. I found it easy for me to put a part of my personalty in every character I had created as if a part of me was forged into this fictional being, no more real than the words on this screen, it was the story behind it that made it come to life, the drama, the love and sorrow. the feeling of being real, Alot of my writing is Fictional, my Literature mixed with fiction speaks truth to my views of this world and its exsistance.

Crack open my skull

strip away my soul

until everything turns the same

where life is just their game

with the roll of the dice

pawns to the board, were just mice

growing up in a enduced fear

insults are all we hear

affraid Armegedon is near

Killing off the children

in the name of sin

blood soaking the lands

from our own hands

staring off I can see

something that will come to be

caused by our own corruption

Something so sinister

called blasphamy by your Minister

No not the devil

But will take you to the next level

'Say is this the world you created

where we are always sedated

forced to eat the drugs

from the spotlight-thugs

deluting the imagination

polluting the nation'

you say we are blind

that we can't see to be

I say you are old

living just to stay alive

like bees to a dieing hive

Say, why don't you take the next hit

than maybe you can see your god I call shit

your the one who force him onto me

where we are all raped

in the way you want it shaped

a Pawn

living your con

'you say were free

secretly blind, cannot see

force-fed from what they said

dried up, tied up, and left for dead'

  Fantasy and Religion go hand in hand, being into Fantasy as much as I was lead me to educate myself on the Religious myths and folklore. There are over a Million different Religious movements within the world today. and growing still, you only hear of the bigger more corporate Religions really. I was born into the Mormon religion, Salt Lake City Utah. So Natrually I was raised to be Mormon, but never truely felt 'religious' I was never really into it. So one day I picked up the bible and decided to read it and I did, Immidently afterwords however was the moment I became Agnostic, to much Fictional, Mythical entries in the bible for me to try and take as real. Being a Fan of Fiction myself I started looking into many of the other religions out there, None seemed to be what I could dedicate myself to, Most had way to many unplausable and down right laughable notions. So it was only a few months after that I became an Atheist, where as alot of people began getting confused. The best part is when people think that Atheisim is a Religion in itself, which is not. the soul definition of Atheisim is the lack of Religion. What really trips people out is when I tell them that yes I do believe there was a guy named Jesus Christ who walked around healing and helping people, but just because I believe that does not mean I'm believeing in God or the Devil. Just means there was once a guy named Jesus who was kind hearted and helped people who needed help.

  I have always fought with my Religious and Spiritual sides, even back when I was constantly depressed I fought with it, I resented God on a personal level for awhile even after I became Atheist a part of me wanted him to be real just so I could tell him off when I bought the big one.

Then over time I simply applied my logic to my beliefs and 'god' fell from them, though I still often use 'God' in my vocabulary but thats mainly for my audiences benifit. What alot of people fail to realize and understand is, we are ALL born Atheists as the knowleage of God is instilled into us at an early age, It starts with Santa Clause and ends with Jesus. In a World built on lies and Mistrust, how are we to know what that book says is true? Even now we are finding proof, evidence that the chruch left out Many things in that book. To Suite its own personal needs and goals.

I was just your pawn

In this sadistic game

abused and used until everything is gone

No where to go, to scared to run

waiting for the crushing blow

waiting for it all to be done

'Hey little boy, Come this way

the world is going to rape your innocents away

No chance to run away

Close your eyes tomarrow is a new day'

The world is suffer

as I rape jesus at the last supper

I will show you how to use your brain

instruct you how to play this game

You showed me how to hate

a life you disgriminate

You live in a world that's so mundane

yet you tell me I make it to profane

I will be the monster under your bed

As you will be wishing I was dead

Just like me, The suffering you shall see

praying to a god who isint there

while crying to someone who just does not care

I will be your revolation, to your realization

that your life is just one big cancer

no matter how hard you try and find an answer

I will be there to defile

another innocent smile

  I can sometimes feel the needles pricking at my skull, as if tormenting me letting me know they are still there, these thoughts coursing through my brain 24 hours a day. At night is the worst when they just fester in my mind. Hours I spend staring off into space deep in thought, Thoughts about what I want to write, my Life, everything and anything that would cross my mind I would focus on it like a sniper his prey. There were times when I would lay there pratically pulling at my hair focusing on the pain trying to numb the thoughts that were pouring in like a broken water main. Like a broken puzzel the pieces never seem to fit, I get two together and three more pieces are discovered. A never ending loops the cycle of life continues to flow, I often find writing to be the easiest way for me to convay what goes through my head to the waking life. speaking has never been as easy as writing has for me, my words often get caught on my tounge like a barbed wire. Never coming out the way I want it to, never the same as the words that just seconds before passed through my brain. With Writing I am able to slow down the words and thoughts long enough to exspell them onto the paper.

  Ever since I started writing it has been a source of venting for my emotions and thoughts. I write what I feel, what I believe, what I witness in life. My writings is the very essense to who I am the key to my soul if it were. It's what makes me who I am. I often wonder if my writing will eventually destroy me.

The Pain brings in a familure texture

sweet, smooth to puncture

making the all to real failure

taste even that much more bitter

its hard to escape, when you have nothing to create

and no hope for fate

There is no hell

for which you sell

No heaven, No Angel

no Golden halo

'bow down, repent

you lived a life you now resent

pray, plead for forgiveness

You will get to heaven if you insist'

Demon Sky, Let it fly

fear of night, fear of flight

the pain, its all the same

a life so cold

time growing so old

so much vanity

so little sanity

trapped in a twisted maze

walking in a constant haze

spinning in a clouded daze

Holding on

the world is gone

'My head filled with your lies'

The world is gone

'my spirit killed by your desire'

the world is on fire

A life that is dead

This pain I dread

as I'm tortured in my head

your so far away

how much I wish to say

Kill me now

but I don't know how

I have a wild card Joker

you have the red hot poker

I'm already dead

you once said, 'drowned by my hate'

made me so irate

now set the time and debate

People will meet thier fate

Karma will give, and she will take

  Fantasy can give you insight, can take away the pain and misery but it can also entrap you in a false reality can cause the weak minded to mistake what is real to what is not real. and in a world full of curelity its not hard to want to get lost in a world you created.

'In the World of Make believe, happy endings are not hard to conceive'

Without the world of Fantasy there would be no imagination, and without imagination there would be no inovation or inventions. Fantasy fuels a great big portion of our lives wether we acknowleage it or not. Without Fantasy there would be no beautiful works of art or the music you are inspired to listen to every day. Fantasies can have a negative affect as well, a darker side. Dark desires lurk behind every corner, a Man is defined by his actions not by his thoughts, how many times do I have to tell myself that before it feels right? Why do I feel so judged and condemed for my thoughts? I have done nothing wrong, no more wrong than my friends or the person living next to me. Why is it I feel so burdened with guilt for haunting images I cannot controll to begin with? but most of all Why can I not be more apathetic towards my thoughts when they are after all just thoughts not actions or convictions.

These tormenting fantasies play out in my mind

where I keep them locked away and confind

I am not bad, as we all have our own deamons

I'd never cross the line, never commit a villainous crime

The memories pour back in

The pain starts once again

when everything starts to begin

pain lurking around every corner

close your eye's and cry on my shoulder

drain my strength and become stronger

dare the thought to ride me lower

Push it deeper in the hole

bleeding and needing me

breathing and hurting me

close your eye's and you will see

how you are trapped and never be free

how I am to be

falling from my throne so high

how I believed your every lie

the memories pour back in

the pain starts again

when everything starts to begin

making me feel like my life is your sin

nothing will change

everything will age

'Judge me not, for my addictions shown no wrong

I'm not proud that I've suffered so long'

Embracing death with open arms

as a woman would her seductive charms

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