July 10, 2008 3:43am

Journal Entries

   Sometimes it's hard to keep struggling just to get by. You look around and all you see is Chaos, friends argueing and bickering. It's as if all the colors of the world just melted into a shade of grey, Like a swift thunder storm rolling in over a distant field.

All that passes through your line of sight is the doom and gloom a sick and demented form of depression. It's not until you take that first hit of Ganja does the grey quickly start to wash away, The thunder no longer ringing in your ear and the clouds roll back past the horizon.

Everything goes quiet for a moment Then thats when you hear a bird chirping off in the distance, you feel the gentle breeze wash over your skin. That is when you realize time may not have slowed down, rather a gentle reminder to see the beauty of the instanity known as Life

"To put a law on a man's morals, suggests to me that he does not own his own body. To criminalize a person's conviction is the preditor of egotism"

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"Leagalize a Plant"

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