Unborn and Deathless

In my dreams,

A person appears,

A character that acts,

One who fears.


The one who’s involved,

I remain unmoved,

I am the dreamer of my dreams,

It is only the character the scenario behooves.


I have spectacular adventures,

I feel it when I fall,

I speak with others,

I feel enthralled.


All the colors,

The fantastic lights,

All the sounds,

Wild sights.


Unbeknownst to me,

I feel I am the person in the dream,

But I cannot be found there as an object,

I am the observer forever unseen.


I am seeing clearly now,

When I am awake,

The same illusion is occurring,

Identifying myself with objects is the mistake.


For I am the eternal subject,

Who cannot be seen,

I remain unborn and deathless,

Untouched, serene.

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