No Where to Go and Nothing to Attain

When death approaches,

Where lies the prize,

What is there to show for this life?

Nothing, is what I have realized.


The purpose of life,

Is not to attain,

To fill the memory banks with experiences,

Or to build up a prestigous name.


All is unstable,

All is bound to collapse,

Nothing can be held onto,

No matter how hard you grasp.


The more you cling,

The more permanency is sought,

The more suffering you will pollute within and without,

The more that you will be caught.


Freedom is what you seek,

Truth is the only way,

To see all as non-possesive,

Will rid you of your self created dismay.


There is no where to go,

And nothing to get out of this life,

Give up your superficial pursuits,

Turn away from strain and strife.


Enjoy now,

The only moment that exists,

Don't reject the form this moment takes,

You will suffer if you resist.


What is is already what is,

You can't fight what already is,

Let it be and accept what is happening,

For true acceptance is total bliss.

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