My Sisters

Family and Friends

So I’ve been thinking of all my “sisters”

I have so many, and I love each and every one.

From the ones that have come and gone

To the ones that stay and never leave my side

All through my years there have been many.

There’s little Manda from Ashley, The littlies one of all

She is so cute! She’s kind of conceited, but I am too.

And there’s the Great Gabby, She is so quite

So fun loving, and nice, She’s going to be quite a women.

There’s my other “big” Manda, from Corey,

She’s crazy, probably has more in common with me,

When it comes to the way we view love anyway

There’s my Darlene, The youngest, and tallest

Don’t know her to well, but she looks just like me

And of course My Charlene, a grown one

I met her too late I think, but still

I love her like any other sister in my life

O Carolina, my great Sister in Law

I spent the most time with her

So full of life, I love her face

When she smiles, I see a beautiful heart

Theirs Alicia from long ago

I miss her so much, she was so cute

I can’t forget to mention Jenn

Cause well, she can probably kick my ass

Then theirs the one I never met

Way out In PR, I don’t know her name

Or how she looks, but I love her

So those are All My sisters on this world,

Hmm, Nine in total, isn’t it befitting that’s

My lucky number, So like I said.

I am just sitting her thinking of all my beautiful sisters

All of the ones I love with all my heart

Whether they be by blood or by Mind

They will forever be in My heart

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