These scars burn.

My eyes are aflame.

Burning me slowly in this life.

What is this I feel.

Is there no escape.

Am I truly to believe.

I am damned,

Damned by my self.

Damned by you and all of your pathetic kind.

Is this the life I am to lead.

Never knowing,

hardley feeling.

Have I died.

Am I still alive?

Trapped in this life.

This life of uncertanity, and pointless human vanity.

My riddle my ryhme, is what I pass out.

Through out space and time.

Some one tell me the meaning of this life of mine.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

First of before you go to comment on this don't bother. I have no need for your pitty or your cares. You can take your punk bitch ass god and shove him up your ass. I am sick of hearing that faggot bullshit. Other than that, enjoy the poem and let me know what u think.....

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