The Unholy Trinity

Here I am for all to you see.

I stand before you unaffraid.

For you see you are nothing to me.

How ever you are more than welcome to believe.

What ever lie you can muster.

In your simply little mind.

But the truth still remains.

You are nothing to me.

I look upon you as a lower species.

You can believe as you desire, after all you are free.

But you will never be as free as me.

You believe the hype.

The simply little lies people call life.

Judge me as you deem fit.

Good or Evil, it doesn't mean anything to me.

For you see good and evil are mere words.

They have no real meaning.

You are fools.

Tell me how can you lable good and evil,right and wrong?

Can you prove these things to me?

For you see in reality their is no good and their is no evil,nor right or wrong.

Do what thy will shall be the hole of the law.

As Alesiter Crowley said.

So believe as you desire,like I said you are free.

So it doesn't matter any way.

But as I have also stated you will never be as free as me.

You keep a firm grasp on the closed mind.

Tell me,does this get you any where in life?

Are you only capable of believeing what you read?

What about the things you can touch and you can see?

The things you can feel,and the things you can hear?

As clear as a wretched church bell ringing in the early day.

This is why I will always be more free than thee.

You let your so called holy book choose your life for you.

But to me it means nothing because all I see is lies,and pointless things.

Read your commandments twice.

Jesus of the nazrene claims to be God.

If you read on further still it comes to the fact,that they are saying their are three Gods?

I though their was but one.

So you see you believe only what you read.

You are mindless fools,following the ways of pallid incompatence hanging from a tree.

That is all your cross symbolizes to me.

For you see I am.

The Unholy Trinity.

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