I hear my name whispered.

Whispered and carried on the cold night air, so that I may hear.

The Dark is calling out too me now.

Comfirming my very worst fears.

The time draw's near.

Am I ready to make this stand?

Are the spirit's right?, Will this be my real end?

Master rise up and protect me.

Father Satan help me..

I can't do this alone my Lord.

This is a battle I can't win.

He's beyond me and my skills.

Master protect your child.

Dark Father, I need your power to survive.

Bless me Dark Master.

For I serve you loyaly in life,as I shall in death.

Or is it my time Father?

Is it time for me to decend my final time?

I suppose I shall know when the time is right.

But if this be my end.

My blood, my flesh,body,soul and mind I give too you freely and knowingly.

My Master!

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