Sinful Times Of A Melancholy Nursery Rhyme

Crusafie me,let me burn in your web of lies.

Walk me along the tight rope watch me as I fall.

Theirs nothing here for me at all.

I am damnation pure .

Born to die.

And born to burn.

Watch me as I rise from your fears.

See me as I consume your tears.

Watch me as I die inside.

See me draw back this knife.

Watch as I bury it so deep inside.

See this misery flow as a simple stream.

See me float down your river of tears.

Consumed by all these years.

You childish fears.

See me rise out of these ashes of hate.

Watch me as I stumble and fall.

See me as I gasp for air.

This strugle invain.

This pain so insane.

Traped inside my void of hate.

This misery so unreal.

This year of sinful tears.

And this night of painful plight.

Comsumed by midnight.

Incased in this void.

How surreal,when you traped inside.

Backed by childish nursery rhymes.

Stuck in this story of time.

Traped in a runic chime of sinful times.

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