Live While You Can

Live While You Can

I awoke this eve.

A cold brisk chill.

A faint a damp smell.

A horrid smell.

A smell not of life but of death.

A taste of death is what I feel this eve.

Yes that is what it is.

But as I slip in and out of reality.

I know it is just the dead.

Warriors of centuries past.

Comeing,comeing back to haunt me.

They torment me.

But why,this anwser is shadowed by night.

I must,I just must break free.

I haft to overcome.

Can I over come this feeling deep inside my heart.

Yes,yes I can.

It is but a small task and yet such a big step.

For life is but a dream on the way to death.

So live you each hour as if it were the last.

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