Strange Emotion

Why does your eyes vex me so.

Enchanting I do seem to find thee.

Puzzleing this is to me.

Why must this foreign emotion surface now.

What does it mean.

Your eyes god your eyes.

Why am I drawn to them so.

My stomach twists and it turns.

What sort of spell has this enchantress placed upon me.

What does it all mean.

These feelings,damn these feeling what do they mean.

why must I be drawn into thee.

What have you done to me.

Why,why must it have been me.

Could you not of found another for such a hex.

This bruning please just make it end,I haven't strength enough for this.

Please,please just make it stop I can bare this angusih no longer.

Take this emotion please just tear it out of me.

Please for the sake of my humanity just make it stop.

I feel,I feel so weak.

Helpless you have left me this hour.

Fucking christ it burns,make it stop please just make it stop.

Take your gaze from me.

Leave me be.

Let me die in peace.

Please just leave me.

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