Secluded,Hidden&Forbidden...I await in the shadowed eternity of night.Secluded,Hidden&Forbidden i await for a new light.

I live i cry i die a little more inside.

I sit,I listen I await for eternial night.

In the Ebony Wings of eternial night..I await your demise.

You prance,You dance forever in the sea of life.

You bend and you forever mend,in this shallow,hollow sea of life.

You live,You die,You walk the tight rope over the cliff of life

When you look down you can see hell in my eyes.

You gaze,You can forver see hell burning in my eyes.

With in my firey gaze you have finaly met your demise!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

just some i wrote out of bordome,yes i know it fucking sucks

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