A Creature of Darkness

You are weak.

Pathetic and confused.

I have power over all of you.

Your life,

Your energy.

I call into me.

You never see.

You never know.

You are weak.

You are lost,

You are confused.

You don’t know what’s happing to you.

Why do you sleep?

Why can’t you stay awake?

You have no energy.

You always feel drained.

That is me.

Your better,

Your superior.

I take,

And I take.

I never cease.

Your energy gives me strength.

Makes me what I am.

Gives me what I need.

To stay far beyond any of thee.

I see you when you sleep.

I hear your heart when it beats.

I haunt your dreams.

An ethereal vision.

A shadow a shade.

A faceless creature.

Inside you mind.

Inside your head.

Taking everything from you as you dream.

Leaving you cold.




Lost and finding it hard to breath.

I am the nightmare when you sleep.

I am the fear,

That sticks in your chest,

When you awake.

I am the cold you can not shake.

There is nothing you can do.

You are helpless.

You are weak.

I am predator.

You are prey.

I am Kindred~Kine.

A Creature of the Darkness.

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