I can feel it.

Taste it in my mouth.

Your blood so sweet.

Your life,

Your essannce.

It gives me strength.

The strength to be free.

The strength to be me.

I am a wolf among the countless sheep.

Your blood is all I seek.

To grow,

To strengthen.

To know.

To unleash the beast inside of me

It gives me power.



And peace.

Far beyond your petty dreams and,


You are weak.

You are a slave.

I am free.

I am a king.

Seated high upon a throne.

A throne of,


I am free.

I am King.

I am predator.

You are prey.

I am the wolf.

An you are the sheep.

The weak.

The tired.

The slaves.

I am King.

I am predator among prey.

I am Kindred~Kine.

Worship me.

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