Watching the moon

in the western horizon

two haiku poets

scratch each other's back and mock

the rest as neophytes

Silence of birds

and moon so miserly

I feel homesick:

mists, fogs and leaflessness

add to monotony

Couldn't sleep all night

darkness of thought spread over

the mind with closed eyes

I negotiate fear

of missing the moon and loss

Her letter smells

the lotus she wore each time

meeting in the moon:

I touch her fingers again

with all the hopes and tensions

The fragrance of rose

seeps through the windows

coupled with full moon

adds to my delight though I'm

alone in my bed tonight

When I roll within

veins crackle like dried wood

brathing is oppressed

I can't leave the four walls

to survive midnight attack

Resting his chin

on the back of his palms

he stands at

the dusted railing to watch

the planes roar and take off

Unable to see

beyond his nose he says

he meditates

and sees visions of Buddha

weeping for us

A mist covers

the valley of her body

leaves memories

like the shiver of cherry

in dreamy January

I love her undress

the light with eyes that spring

passion with kisses

she leaves her name again

for my breath to pass through

Ghosts rise to mate

in moonlight tear the tombs

frighten with fingers

rhino horns rock the centre

granite sensation


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