Laugh and Tears go hand in hand (variations on King Solomon's Ecclesiastes)

King Solomon wrote (- Ecclesiastes 3:1–8)
"There is an appointed time for everything.
And there is a time for every event under heaven -
A time to give birth, and a time to die;
A time to plant, and a time to uproot what is planted.
A time to kill, and a time to heal;
A time to tear down, and a time to build up.
A time to weep, and a time to laugh;
A time to mourn, and a time to dance.
A time to throw stones, and a time to gather stones;
A time to embrace, and a time to shun embracing.
A time to search, and a time to give up as lost;
A time to keep, and a time to throw away.
A time to tear apart, and a time to sew together;
A time to be silent, and a time to speak.
A time to love, and a time to hate;
A time for war, and a time for peace."

Laugh and Tears always go hand in hand
Helping broken soul and mind, being terribly confused, to mend
The fabric of  human life is such
That it's getting teared down quickly by the "bad news" punch
The fabric of  human life is such
That it's sown to be whole again by gentle human touch

Sunny days are intermixed with gloomy days of rain
Days of happiness are coalesced with days of pain
Light of the day gets followed up with darkness of the night
There is always time for love and there is time for fight
There is time for everyone to throw stones
There is always time for screams of joy and time for mournful moans

Laugh and Tears always go in our life by "hand in hand"
That's how it has been and how it will be until day's end

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