As lion March in Boston starts

As lion March in Boston starts and as a lamb it ends
That means that Winter and the Spring through fight are changing hands
Though winds subside by April first but sometimes as a joke
On that same day snowstorm from sky falls down as a hawk

Onto Beantown as a prey it sets its snowed grip
By dressing streets in winter clothes once more in fierce zip
And tree's awaken swollen buds are tortured by the cold
As anguished be one's dreams of Love, being kept in heart on hold

And how ironic - in two week comes up the taxing date,
Unnatural disaster's dread, by human brain being made
So here you go, wait my Love for fourteen days to churn
Returning back to You is blocked by need to file return

The Duty comes in front of Love
Soul's spring to slap by senseless glove
Tax form's pile up in gloomy stack
While feelings, hopes and dreams got stuck

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