Old Mother's soul

The end of her days gets burned out alone
In care of the staff in remote nursing home
She hardly remembers her name and her age
The book of her life turned itself to last page

Her mind is confused and her talk lacks the sense
She feels that she lives at somebody's expense
No interest in living, no hope, no dream
She is locked in herself in the mental extreme

Since her husband has died twenty years have gone
Since then she has lived by herself, on her own
Her only offspring is her sixty years son
To whom she gave life and so much she has done

He visits her weekly, she cries when he leaves
He is so ashamed when he flees like a thief
She wants him be near till she is alive
He lives at the distance of thirty miles drive

She wants be in comfort of family warmth
He can not oblige with his heart has been torn
She calls him each evening: "Please take me from here !"
He tells in return: "I can not, oh My Dear"

But once in a while she has painful nightmare
That her five years old son still lives in her care
She calls on the phone in torment and despair
With whom is my Sasha ? Where is he, where ?

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