New shocking findings on the Beauty and the Beast ;-)

World-known psychotherapist
Established lately that the Beast
In fact was serial rapist
And AlQaeda terrorist.
It's sad but true - Snow-White, at least,
Was marked as target on his list.
But wait .... the pervert got the nerves
Top listing all small seven dwarfs !
Did not forget the beasty *fella*
To list hard working Cinderella.
And (hope you don't get me backwards )
Hotlisted there find we certain Mr. Edwards
Lines, marked *royal*, worries bring ... 
One points straight to L (dot) King ...
"But which of three ?" - one comes to think ...
No one yet knows, that's the thing ...
The scarlet flower, grown by thug
Was very potent super drug.
Herself, the Beauty, being so cute
In truth was call-girl prostitute.
Her cell phone number (fun to text)
Is easy dialing "grl-4sex".
The rumor has that Tiger Woods
Was spotted with her in the woods ...
Another source claims Jessie James
Was active partner in her games.

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