The country of the cellophane men

The cellophane men crowd, they look all the same

In spite of the difference in address and name

They come home by evening, as lemon being squeezed

The turn TV on and they want to be pleased ...

They watch the News shows, where they get brain washed

Then switch to soap operas where life's classy and posh

Where sex in the city - is for filthy and rich

Who fly to Dubai to meet sheikhs on the beach ...

But back to the people, who watch this bull shit ...

(Who wait for the ball game on Sundays for treat)

They go to bed, being afraid of next day,

To pay up the bills,  keep collectors at bay

They get up in the morning, they go to work

They don't make choices, they all look like a dork

Back stubbing coworkers, while licking boss's ass

Will "keep them off trouble" - they cowardly guess

They need to pay mortgage to reach their dream

Too bad that for many it looks like a scheme ...

They carry the orders, lay low on the shelf

Where is this country ? - you figure yourself !

If you are not sure, here comes one more hint

"In god we all trust" on the money they mint

Some jokers are saying it is a misprint

The "l" letter's omittance was designed to mislead

They prey golden calf in the desert, being empty of soul

The "Dow Jones" is their value and the profit is their goal

If you're not color blinded, there is one more clue ...

They vote there for the party, being red or being blue

Choose show of donkey or let elephant into the room

If pulled the wrong lever, don't feel like in doom

The difference is little, the difference is small

The one or another - we know them all ....

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