Wise spies

In the court I told the judge
Here is my story - no fudge !
Please forgive my broken English,
It makes me easy be *distinguished*.


I wish my deeds could be recanted ...
Ten years went, as I was planted
In the land of USA ...
Life was pleasing, I must say.


With mortgage paid by KGB
In the States it's nice to be.
It was easy to forget
That I'm the cell of spying net.


Suddenly my phone got ring:
(Now I know, it was a sting ...)
“Could have met we in Beijing ?”
That was secret greeting *thing* ...


Well remembered spy net code ...
So I answered right a way
(acting like an idiot).
Phrase, which I was trained to say:


“Yes, we might, how have you been ?
- Was it rather in Harbin ?
Wait, my wife is saying: "Hi,
We have met - but in Shanghai ...."


Then I dug from hiding spot
Packed with dollars heavy pot.
With a notice (oh my Gosh!):
"Dirty money - needs some wash!"


I assumed that note has meant
To launder cash with detergent. 
Making dough look shine and clean
I put bills in wash-machine.


Heavy cycle took the spin ...
Next came drying all that green.
Job was done with lots of care
And few quarter coins to spare.


No idea that was prank,
I brought money to the bank.
But no luck could money buy
When it comes from FBI ...


Though I really can't complain,
Being sent quickly on the plane,
Back to Russia with few guys,
Who were all like me - wise spies.

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