There is no demons only reasons

There is no Demons only Reasons.


There is no demons only reasons. 


These reasons are like seasons hidden behind an eclipse of where the moon is hidden by the sun. Where there is a spark of light but it is not being seen through the see. The only reflection that is able to sea, is where the sea is covering the knee and you are drowning without a reason. Like seasons a person can change, like a dream you can accomplish what ever the theme may be, like a fiend you are being morphed into a frank-stein with the mind of Einstein. 


What is keeping me cold? why won't my door stay close? I wanna go home! But I don't know where home has gone?


Religion is what I look to guide me to the words of our lord, but how much is truly known about our lord? The word is that demons are roaming the earth seeking like a missile to Iran to Iscan my eye to unlock these pages, no more swiping of the thumb print. Only the print of the eye to identify who is a Jedi and who is a Sisth. 

To conceive a notion that the ocean is rising and that when the moon is full. I will howl like a wolf on Adderall...


After all is done don't we all go to heaven or is there some place where the unwanted is kept like a tortured pet? There is a yolo, we play Marco Polo, Helen was a Keller who spoke the ones and zeros the binary code to the control of the mother ship. That is miles above the human vision. Told to believe that things happen for a reason and there is demons and angels. Demons bring change like democracy, and Angels are sent to protect us like the P.O.L.I.C.E, but I have a question that requires me to put down my glass... 


Why is the lights red and blue and the sound is sounding like a whip with a bass and a set of claps and slow drums that's tripping off acid? When the siren is firing the killers and thieves drop to the floor and dash to the forest to prevent a chase.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

(This what you see here, I composed when I was dreaming through the late night car window. And I saw a demon, who should me the reasons behind demons). So now I woNader on the reasons of demons.

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