Love me

I see her eyes keep raining 

That her heart keeps breaking 

That her soul keeps aching 

I see the flame of old love 

Put out by another one 

Heartbroken she's become 

We are alike in this regard 

Misspoken if not enough 

She pleads but not for help 

She longs for someone else 


I see 

Black sky's and white lies I'd rather be

Filling my soul with love not different enemies 

Mind consumed by dark entities fueling 

My insecurities 

Why not, is not clear to me 

Lust is love, mistake trust in us 

I hate myself for you don't love me 

I pray that they love me 

I need of help, I assure u I don't 

I don't need help I need dope 


She is equipped with the pump 

Shots at my body till I am a stump 

If u don't exist then my pain can be rid 

U made me do this just far as u know 


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