Anxiety imposed on me by society 

Impropriety in distinction to false sobriety


What is love if  not a representation of a dove 

 A black dove 

Beautiful yet cursed, from he above 


Marksmen of the unsoiled art 

A dagger in the space of a heart 


When I look at the queen 

I see the blessed virgin marry 

Bride to the king 


We're both on an edge

We were pushed to the ledge 

One step from falling 

One step from death 


Jealousy to possession 

As Sheppard to sheep 

Sheppard no Shepard 

The Sheppard has fleet 

Replaced by the wolf and its desire to eat 

Just as jealousy leads the mind to defeat 


I'm left with memories, horrible things 

Foreshadows of how bad it will be 


Love is the action of falling* , Amen 

Whether ur capable of loving again 

Depends on how high u began 

In simplest of terms when u hit the ground 

It's the end 

They say u can continue 

If the love was short stent 

But no matter from how high u can still end up lead 

If u land on ur neck it can break and

Ur dead 


Ignorant to facts is the worst u can be 

But how I feel contradicts my beliefs 

Refuse to believe he lovers her more than me 

If it's true then how wrong would I be 


To take her from him

Can't even comprehend the severity of sin 

But how could he possibly reflect on this shit 

In his mind they r perfect I don't even exist


We dreamed of being heros as kids 

But until now I never knew how badly the villain wanted to win  















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