When You Feel . . .

When you feel alone

just think of me for

in your arms is where

I want to be.

Think of the times we shall

share and know that I will

always be there.

Think of the memories we will

make and know that they will

be sunny to brighten up our

days when we are old.

Think of the stories that will

be told to our beautiful grandchildren

and know that they will be cherished

for a life time.

Think of me and know that I am yours.


You are not alone for I am with you in your thoughts,

In your heart and in your dreams.


When you feel the heat of the sun on your face

it is the passion of my kiss.

When you feel a warm gental breeze

it is my soft touch.

When you hear the song of a bird

it is me telling you how much I need you

When you smell honeysuckle in the air

it is the hint of my purfume.


When you feel alone close your eyes

and dream a little dream with me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Habibi you are not alone, you are with me and that is where you will always be. Although you are about 4 states away you are not far. For I keep you near and this poem tells that.

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