I Matter

I want to say to you today

I matter, I really do

I may not to you

Because you have no clue

You dont know your roll as a husband


You don't want to do what you are sapose to do

You are disobedient and irresponsible

You are careless and not understanding

You are thoughtless

You are a mess

Do you hear me

I matter

You will never clinb that ladder

No good will come to you

You have so much filth on your shoes

You will continue to slip and slide

Because the weight of harshness that you have gaind will continue to way you down

I hope you do not drown in your own misery

I want you to see

I matter

I will not continue to flatter you while you batter me

I matter

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Far too many weman take the abuse of their spouse or loved one and begin to think little about themselves.... Don't do it girl, don't do it. You matter. Yes you do matter

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