Rocky Start

Four months pregnant. Just begining to show. No where to go.

No family to help me. No one to share my glee.

Tired and hungrey. Just wanting some one to hug me.

Didn't take long to see help was what I needed.

Friendship Crissis Pregnancy Center was where I went and pleaded.

Crying and confused, Woundering if they would be able to help me.

Maybe find a nice home for me. First stop

Some farm in South Jersey Right off the bat I could see it wasn't the place for me

Back to M*****t**n

I slept at a friends house for the night. Was the longest night of my life. When daylight came I didn't feel the same.

Up the hill I scurried, damn was I worried.

The center wasn't open yet , I sat on the step and waited you bet. C*****y was a little lat, showed up with McDonalds breakfast in hand, the first decent meal I had to eat in weeks.

Without further adew up 280 we flew. What seamed to be the longest ride of my lifeturned out to be quit nice. Birth Haven our destiny. Enxiety getting the best of me. Pulled over to the side of the road to vomit on a small toad.

Get it together, Get it together, get it together

It will soon all be better, I said to myself

A little part of me was wishing I was a statue on some ones shelf.

I closed my eyes and took a little nap, befor I knew it I felt

a little tap on my lap. We're here was said with cheer

We rang the door bell. My heart was pounding like hell. Just wanted all to go well.The door opend. You must be Jewnita.

All I saw was smiling faces. Come in! B***y, M****e, and D****e introduced themselves and asked questions. Was praying that my answears impressed them. A tour of the house I would soon receive. Then the words I could not belive but  hoping to hear. Well!! Dear!! We would love to have you here. so dear, when will you begin your life here? Monday, Monday is when I'll be back to stay. Upon my return to M*****t**n, I had to beg and plead a friend to let me in.She said, no. I had no whee to go. My God Monday seamed so far away. 2am I began to walk home(the house I grew up in). It was boarded up and abandond, no way in. I began to cry. My eyes would not keep dry. So I sat on the porch. My hand held my chin.

Get it together, get it together, get it together I said to myself. I fell asleep. The sun was soon shining on my face. Was Saturday and taking so long to pass. Just relaxed the day in the grass. Come Sunday my night was spent at my cousins. Once again the sun shown apon my face. I was going to be late. Had to make ace. Once at the Friendship Crissis Pregnancy Center up the steps I went. Man was I late. C****y thought I was not comming. Once in the door I was so happy I started humming. How was your weekend ? she asked. I didn't have the heart to tell her. I replied, " THE END TO A BEAUTIFUL BEGINING ".  Up 280 we go again to a place I would call home and spend the rest of my preganacy.

Now fourteen years later I look back... my first born daughter, Jevonna Lisa Marie, January 30, 1991

My honey sugar plum.  

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this poem cuz as you have read my pregnancy was quit hard in the begining. i had no where to live and tried to depend on friends. i was very much on my own. but i found a way to get help. i did not keep my baby a secreat and then throw my baby away. i do not undestand these girls (women)... how can a person do such a thing and have the heart to go about their regular lives

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