Like A Charm

Shatterd galss a sound of the past

I just wish the crashing sound in my head would not last

Every time I hear it I gasp

Was sitting around talking with friends whem the glass fell

Sounds like something broke

I nearly choked

An eiry feeling came my way


Was a happy day

Things were going as pland

Until I heard these words

" Yasmines bleeding "

I could not find a path to lead me to her

Still sitting looking to my left I see one of my best friends running toward me

I could not feel my knees

" Don't panic ", she says

And what did I do

I flew

Once through the door I fallowed the path the blood drew


The brother said, " shoo, shoo "

Oh! Allah

I knew it had to be bad

Where was her dad

I calmed myself and had a seat next to her

She wasn't crying

So I knew she wasn't dying

She was calmer than I

Things started to blur

Heard her say, " no It doesn't hurt "

I looked around and saw the blood driping to the ground

Could of sworn I heard the sound




Was a steady stream

Wishing it was all a dream

So I leand over and looked onto the floor only to see the brother standing in a pool of blood

I lost it

Went balistic

Screaming N' Shouting


My calm daughter began pouting N' shouting,

" Ooohhh!!! ALLAH!!! Help me


IIII Nnnneeeedd YYYOOOUU!!


I was then made to leave the scean

Was making her scream

It was alot of blood on the floor next to the bathroom door

Off to the hospital we go

Didn't take long

Sirens blaring

Too much blood she was loosing

No particular hospital I was choosing

Just get us out of this ride


20 stitches inside N' 58 outside

Thats how much it took to close her arm

The accident caused her no harm


In our conversation a week ago

I asked her if she wanted the scar to go

She said, " NO!! ",

" It's a part of me, It's doing me no harm "



From then on I saw she was wearing her scar like a charm

Author's Notes/Comments: 

what a 6th grade graduation
i guess who would want to forget that
it's like a worrior who went to battle and has battle tells a story

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