Don't Hold Us...

Oh! Allah

Don't hold us on the suralt

For I have nothing to say to them

These cowardly women eating my flesh

and stabing me in the back

Why is it me they want to attack


I cut them slack

For I say nothing of how they hurt me so

They don't know I heard of the things they said


This is sonething I most dread

My feelings, for they are not as before

Loving them for the sake of Allah is becoming a chore

and is not sweet like a date

They are becoming of some people I hate


It's like pouring juice of a lemon in the

gaiping hole in my heart

It' tearing me apart


Oh!! Allah

Don't hold us on the suralt

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i know this is not possiable cuz the suralt is a process we have to go through if we can not fix our problems on earth.
we have to fix them befor we can enter jennah. oh! allah help me please

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