WOE is WE !!!

We are all sapose to be Muslims

But !!

This is what I don't understand

How can we walk pass each other and not give the salaams

Young and old, my sisters are all cold

How very bold not to do what we a told by a higher power

We are all cowerds and have no shame

We play with life like it's a big game

Walking around like we are the big dame

Woe is we to a great degree

We are harming each other not careing we will

have to answear to another

Author's Notes/Comments: 

As muslims we should be treating each other better. We should be there for each other morebut we let the black in us take over or if we are from over seas we feel asthough no one else can be muslim cuz we were not born muslim. we can not forget that when we were brought over here from Africa in the 16 & 1700's we were 9 out of 10 muslims and was forced to change our name and religion. Lets get it streight and start treating each other better for the sake of Allah.

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