The Day I Saw A Change

A woman strong, bright, beautiful and sincere

My Grandmother

I never thought the day would come where I would see her fall

Always standing tall

Even when she hit her first brick wall

" Diabieties"

Battling it most of her life she never let it cost her strife

But this was diffrent

Her time was not well spent

A walk to the corner made her lost and confused

Dinner was not as tasty

Fried chicken was pasty

Rice not cooked and stringbeans burned

So many thing over turned

I should have known when she asked me to go to the store and get he a loaf of soda

But when my name became one of my uncles was the day I saw a change

Author's Notes/Comments: 

my grand ma died in the late 80s' she took care of me for a good part of my life. back then forgetting things was not conciderd a sickness and you think that it is just a phase or she forgot for that moment and she will get it right next time. but when she started to call me my uncles name was when i realized that some thing was not right and started to tie it all in with the undone and overcooked food that we all thought she mistakenly did.

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