Rose Bush ( When I Think Of Home II )

In the center of the yard, on the far left of the main land stood a rose bush that polked my tush every time I came near it.

But those thornes didn't scare me, it was what my grandma would do if she cought me.

Bent on one knee hiding I would look for the prettiest rose

The aroma filled my nose

I just had to pick that rose and to my amaizement and right on que

" Get away from my rose bush ", she bellowed

( I woundered how she knew )

I ran away as fast as my legs would carry me.

But that rose I still didn't have, you see in my hands it would be.

I spotted the perfect rose, had to stand on my tippy toes, the aroma filled my nose.

I just had to pick that rose.

I tried to grab it in the right spot to snap it off the bush

But those thorns had its way with my tush as I tugged away and made the branches sway.

My fingers sore from the tiny thorns between the large ones.

But when I got it I ran inside as fast as my legs would carry me to put it in some water. I left it in the kitchen  window for my grandma to see. And when she did, She smiled and to my amazement and right on que she would say, " Stay away from my rose bush , I saw it spanking your tush. "


That was ok.

I would get spanked everyday by the rose bush on my tush if I could get a rose just to see her smile.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My grandma ment everything to me. And I miss her soooooooo much.

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