Thats your guess

My commands come from a higher hand

and that is not man

Pull your clokes over your breast


Bear all and show everyone your chest

Why does one feel asthough we are burdened because they choose not to gain knowledge to understand us?

You see it seams to me that your the one who's oppressed


in a life that has noting to offer you in this world or the next

Open the book of Islam and read the text

It will tell you that we are being obeidient and trying our best to pass this test

So please try your best to understand this way of life that was ment for all man kind

I don't want to see you left behind

It is said that Islam will enter the homes of man all over the world

Islam is the fastest growing religion

Now thats something to rely on  and not be oppressed about

Author's Notes/Comments: 

How You Like Them Apples....:)

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