History Doesn't Repeat Itself

It's happening again.

The horrors and fights and wireless controls are haunting again.

This angel girl,

Sitting so innocent,

Doing her best to counteract the blows,

Wishes with her eyes closed.

He is nowhere near her,

And yet he causes no problems,

Only whispers sugary sweet,

Solid truths in her delicate ears.

But then she explodes.

She says something she does not mean

And he still loves her.

"It's a true love," she tells herself,

While foes are poking her with fiery hot needles

Bleeding the love right out of her.

The unconscious decisions and meaningless words

Are walking here,

Running her life.

The world tries,

Oh they try,

To pull them apart.

But a love this powerful

Has bonds no one can break.

Not even the lovers themselves.

"It's all going to be okay," he tells her.

And she believes him.

Because soon, no one can stop them.

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