God's Love

I need love.

I have love.

I live love.

I am in love.

I am love.

Your emotions are so quickly captured,

Stolen, taken hostage,

You cannot move.

You cannot breathe

But feel a rush of hot air

Your voice cracking

Breaking shattering

The world around you

Eyes close tight

Skin burns the hot flesh color red.

The scars

They are apparent

They seem to be coming back to life.

His arms hold you

Keep you back

But you cannot stop.

The jealousy, rage, power, and strength

You did not know you had

Took over you

And you screamed

One scream...

When you woke up you were alone.

It was like a story

Where love left you.

A strong grip rested on your shoulder;

It was invisible.

You knew who was there.

Through actions, events, and others,

Child He speaks to you.

The strength you possess comes from His dear blood.

He made you scream, and He made you cry.

You are love.

He loves you.

He promised you love,

Look in front of you child.

He gave it to you.

This boy is love.

You are love.

He is love.

Love is love.

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