Brush of Angel's Wings

Oh Friday, you were so good to her.

Why'd you do it?

Was it impulse

Or a tap on the shoulder and a whisper in the ear--


Thanks to you, Friday, she will never be the same again.

Now every day she'll tell herself,

"If you'd never looked down, it never would have happened."

Her eyes welled with tears

And he nearly screamed in her ear.

Something brushed her shoulder,

Something divine and gentle.

An angel held her back that day.

An angel saved her,

An angel loved her.

This is the day that proves to her, Friday,

That He is at work.

She was saved for a reason.

It happened for a reason.

Now she's okay for a reason.

The tear fell from her eye

But mised her cheek, chin, shirt, and the ground.

An angel caught it.

The angel that saved her.

With the brush of angel's wings,

She was blessed,

And changed,


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