Day by Day

Every morning I wake up,

Six o'clock screams nasty remarks in my face,

And my emotional state gets pushed around by the fact that you're not lying next to me.

A dust-filled, bitter cold ray of cloudiness squirms into my room and overtakes my reflection in my cell phone panel.

This tiny, weak, blue device is the only thing,

Monday through Friday,

Keeping us from harm, hurt, heartbreak, and others.

You're whispering in my ear now;

It's ten-of.

Just a few more minutes

Before I run off to a world where you don't know the whole truth of,

And before you fall asleep and dream of me.

Worlds where we're not together until I hear an angel's voice at quarter-past twelve.

A simple sensation to let me know you're here,

You're real,

You're mine.

But I get scared

Knowing you're so far away

Without me.

Cause I'm just as far away

Without you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

3/5/07..for my husband.

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