You Are...


1. I'm an unfinished puzzle & you are my missing piece.

2. I love him to the moon and back

   Around each star

   To the depths of the deepest ocean

I can't put into words how I feel for you

   My feelings are too strong!!!

You are what I see on the other side of the mirror.

You are the epitomy of perfection I've only dreamed about.

Everything I ever wanted in someone I found it all in you.

There is no one on Earth that compares to you.

You are the Romeo to my Juliet, the Jack to my Rose,

And simply amazing.

You complete my puzzle

The ongoing struggle for seventeen years

That I could not find my missing piece for.

I need you like a rose needs water

I love you like a kitten loves the sunlight

I need you like a bee needs pollen

I love you like a puppy loves his master.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Oct. 10/06

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