The Feeling of Love

Have you ever had the feeling…

When you are with someone,

His arms wrapped around your body,

His lips caressing yours and your neck,

And warmth flowed through your body?

You can feel him smile,

You can feel his heartbeat,

You can feel his breath.

Every inch of his body is apparent to you,

And yours to him.

He holds you so close you feel like you are one with him.

Every time you get up to leave,

He grasps your hand

With a look in his eyes that whispers,

“Please, please don’t leave me.”

And the love the two of you share

Flows right through your veins again.

His hand slowly inches down your arm

And holds yours.

He turns your head toward his,

His seductive brown eyes catching your gaze.

A smile creeps across his lips,

And you can’t help but do the same.

Very gently your lips touch,

But only for a second.

You make sure

Things aren’t moving too fast.

For what reason did either of you have

To lose the other?

The feelings you share

As the other’s other half

Are feelings…

Only felt.

And those feelings

You always feel,

Even when you’re apart.

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