The 4th Day Dedication

Tell me you love me,

Tell me you care.

Tell me you'll never leave

And you'll always be there.

Actions speak louder

Than any word ever could,

So sit next to me and listen

And maybe I'll feel understood.

You constantly tell me

Baby I love you

Let me tell you something

Sweetie I love you too.

I already told you

It's the little things that count

So prove to me

You're mine without a doubt.

Kiss me here,

Touch me there.

Hold my hand,

Play with my hair.

Hold me in your arms,

Don't intend to let me go.

Stay with me forever...

Let's let our feelings show.

The ones deep down

Inside your loving heart

The ones that keep us together

And never far apart.

I told you you're different

You're not like anyone else.

Baby who do you have to impress?

I want you to be yourself...

You're the one I fell in love with

The one for whom I care

Now I want you to fall in love with me;

Do it if you dare.

Down there in my heart

There's a space I hold for you

That space is filling up

With feelings oh-so true.

You show me you love me,

You show me you care.

Baby you've proven to me

You'll always be there.

My mind is made up,

I have you to live for.

And babe guess what?

I couldn't ask for more.

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