A Feeling (Only Felt)

A feeling is something so precious, so special, so indescribable.

It’s a feeling,

Only felt.

It’s when someone grabs your heart,

And doesn’t let go.

There’s this feeling inside of me

Maybe it’s love,

Maybe it’s more.

You held my body in your arms so much so that I still feel you around me.

Your gentle touch holding me close,

Keeping me warm,

Caressing my skin.

Your voice,

So reassuring, sweet, gentle, kind, and loving,

Rings in my ears:

“Baby, baby I love you.”

Your smile,

So warm and comforting,

You make me feel right at home when you smile and pull me in closer to you.

And baby, your kiss…

Well, that goes without saying.

You make my heart skip a beat;

Maybe two or three.

I get butterflies even still,

And my skin warms up with the love you pass on to me.

What else is there to tell you?

When I can sit alone,

Sit still and solitary,

Thinking of you,

I can feel your hands on me.

That is the feeling,

Only felt.

And when I listen to your heartbeat,

It pounds out of your chest…

That’s the best feeling in the world,

Because I know it’s beating like that for me.


You are my feeling,

Only felt.

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