Dear John,

I want to write you a love letter,

To tell you how I feel.

I want to tell you these things

Because I finally think they’re real.

You are unlike anyone I’ve ever met,

You make me feel so good.

Now I’m finally complete

Because by a guy I’m understood.

My heart is happy,

My smile is bright.

It’s such a funny feeling

Smiling into the night.

Hearing your voice is so comforting,

I can feel your love in your words.

I want you to hold me in your arms

So we can act like two lovebirds.

I really can’t explain through words

Exactly how I feel.

But all you need to know,

Babe my feelings are real.

Deep inside my heart,

A love is buried so true.

What makes it so special

Is this love belongs to you!

I love you.

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