I always wanted to do that,

But never like I have.

I always wanted to forget him,

But never really that bad.

I always wanted to love someone,

But never like I did.

I always wanted to break the rules,

But I’m just a teasin’ kid.

Tonight it happened,

Don’t worry too much…

My life is partly intact.

There’s something I told myself I needed to do

Just to prove I ain’t that reserved…

And tonight it blew up.

My lips touched his

Even after I acknowledged that look in his eye

That sincerely told me,

“Don’t touch me.”

And the bet came.

It came so fast that the next thing I knew

I was in my car

My throat closing up

Eyes turning red

Tears ready to fall

But too scared to hit the floor.

My bet multiplied so

That it doubled…

Making every one of those boys

Want what they can’t have

Even more.

Tonight it blew up

And tomorrow

I’m going to explode.

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