Well that's too hard for some.

They will never know why I feel the way I do about him.

I cry because I'm upset.

I ponder because I have remorse.

My action is regrettable,

And regret I do.

Now I see how desperate he is to be with me.

Taking risks we both will comply with,

Though too hard to carry out.

He has the feelings and emotions I do;

For when I said 'not yet',

He was less than satisfied.

I need to give this problem a little breathing room.

Then my dear

Can we talk of seeing one another.

I miss you boy,

That's why I'm writing to you.

To tell of the words in my heart,

The ones that came so quick

And are lasting so strong;

Yes it's true,

He may be right,

I probably love you.

Let me see you

Just one last time

To complete the feeling

And we'll cross that line...


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