A Second Chance (July 7th)

Just to let it be as I should

It's too hard to not think of him.

Tears fell from my eyes

Yes I cried

For him.

Everything we did and didn't do together

Will always be with me.

He is a part of my life now

And that can't change.

A friend thinks I love him

but I can't be that sure.

He wasn't a mistake

He was a fun person

And a beautiful two and a half weeks of my summer.

I still want that second chance,

But what have I to hold onto other than him?

I need to be forgiven

And given

That chance.

They don't see how hard this is on me

Nor could they care too much.

Not their perfect picture

But the tainted one I treasured.

Life is a mere game

Trying to win everything back that you lose.

Don't pull that trigger just yet;


A second chance is just around the bend.

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