Daddy's in Heaven

You should have been immortal,

You should have never died,

You should still be here,

Always by my side.

My world ended

The second I heard the news.

This wasn't supposed to happen

Your life ended too soon.

I sit here strong

Very proud of myself

I finally know who I am,

My life I took off the shelf.

Somewhere in heaven

You're looking down on me

I know you're taking pride

In who your daughter is growing to be.

Yes I know I'm making mistakes

To this day I still do wrong

But know in my heart dad

I've loved you all along.

Problems I hid

Lies I always told

This is wrong dad

I've grown much too old.

I have my own agenda

To make you smile is number one

Because the moment you left

Before I knew it

A new life just begun.

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