My Twin, My Heart

You are everything I've missed in other guys.

You are amazing inside and out,

You are my twin I've never known

And this must be true wtihout a doubt.

I see you as that sparkle in my eye

The bounce in my step

The legal drug

That gives me a high.

You make me smile more than anyone before

You make me laugh like it's a disease

And everytime I look at our photographs

My heart begs and pleads, "please oh please?"

I'll put it bluntly that I want to be with you

You're like my other half

On this I know you agree too

With a smile and a sweet laugh.

I barely know you but we just have this connection

A spark, if you will, that lit on our contact

When you came close to me...

Oh boy I want that back.

I'll call you


I'll call you

My twin.

I'll call you


Cause in the end

You're gonna win...

My heart.

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